Small Time Crimes (Near To The Knuckle)

Last Year’s Man (All Due Respect)

Big City Blues (Near To The Knuckle)

A Case Of Noir (Near To The Knuckle)

Too Many Crooks (Near To The Knuckle)

The Last Laugh (All Due Respect)

Kill Me Quick! (Fahrenheit 13 )

Cold London Blues (Caffeine Nights Publishing)

Guns Of BrixtonCaffeine Nights Publishing.)

13 Shots Of Noir (Untreed Reads)

The Gumshoe: The Peter Ord Yarns 


Od Lune pijan / Drunk On The Moon  (Artizan) 


Drunk On The Moon: A Roman Dalton Anthology

The Neon Moon: A Roman Dalton Anthology.

Exiles: An Outsider Anthology                                                       

True Brit Grit (with Luca Veste)

Off The Record 2 – At The Movies (with Luca Veste)






La Supremazia Della Patata: Di Sesso E Di Città: 1

Rosso Esperanto

Morte a Madrid





Od Lune pijan 




Anthologies that include my stories.

The Thirteen Lives Of Frank Peppercorn – The Ballad Of Benny Baines

Dark Minds – Life After Life

Crooked Holster Volume 3 – New Dawn Fades

Close To The Boneyard – Killing Mr Cornflakes.

Last Word – The Luck Of The Devil.

Rogue: The Second Anthology – Route 66 And All That.

Shadow’s and Light: To benefit Women’s Aid – The Man Behind The Curtain.

Twelve Mad Men – A Man Of Sophisticated Tastes

Drag Noir – A Bit Of A Pickle

The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime 11 – Red Esperanto.

Exiles: An Outsider Anthology – The Weather Prophet

La supremazia della patata -Rosso Esperanto (Italian).

The Tobacco-Stained Sky – Murphy’s Bright Spark.

Noir Carnival – She’s My Witch.

Action 2 – The Missionary.

The Best Of Lit Noir – The Man Behind The Curtain.

Gloves Off – The Hit Man & Her.

The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime 10 – Who Killed Skippy?

Black Moon Rising – Weird Noir

Shotgun Honey Presents: Both Barrels – Gareth And Fiona Go Abroad.

Off The Record 2: At The Movies – Silver Dream Racer.

Nova Parade – Catch As Catch Can

Action – The Liberator

True Brit Grit – Snapshots

Burning Bridges – The Beginning Of The End                     

Off The Record – Life On Mars?

The Lost Children – The Return Of The Grievous Angel

Laughing At The Death Grin! – The Big Hurt

Pulp Ink – The Lady & The Gimp

The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime 8 – Guns Of Brixton

Deadly Treats – This Old House

Radgepacket 6 – A Can Short Of A Six Pack.

Radgepacket 5 – A Man On The Run

Radgepacket 4 – The Nightwatchman

Caught By Darkness – The Friend Catcher

Dusted – The Tut

Don’t Tread On Me – Sins Of The Father

Cup Of Joe – The Man Behind The Curtain

Flash! – Ballad Of The Kid & M

Daily Flash 2011 – Swamplands & Crimson Trail

Howl! – The Stamp Of A Vamp 6S,

Volume 2 – In The Dog House.

Magazines that include my stories.

Switchblade 1 – Getting Away With It

All Due Respect 5 – The Last Laugh

All Due Respect 1- The Bucket List.

Nightmare Illustrated 2 – The Skull Ring

Lit Noir  10 – The Tut

Lit Noir 8 – The Man Behind The Curtain.

Crime Factory issue 9 – Gumshoe Blues

Noir Nation  1 – Who Killed Skippy?

Blink Ink Noir – A Fresh Start

Needle issue 1- The Sharpest Tools In The Box

Crimefactory issue 5 – Guns Of Brixton

Blink Ink issue 1- Old Town, Midnight.

MiCrow Winter 2009 – Half

Dark Valentine issue 1 – Drunk On The Moon

Dark Valentine issue 4 – La Fee Verte


Crime Uncovered: Private Investigator – I interview Nick Quantrill

All Due Respect Magazine 7- I review Richard Godwin’s Wrong Crowd.

And there is a shed-load of ONLINE stuff out there at joints like The Flash Fiction Offensive, Pulp Metal Magazine, Spelk FictionA Twist Of Noir, Powderburn Flash, Thrillers, Killers n Chillers, Beat To A Pulp, Shotgun Honey etc.


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