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Blink|Ink Online is a website intended to showcase short fiction, of about 50 words.

They publish microfiction (nano, smudge, shorts) on their website and have also produced a print collection.

I’ve had a few stories at the website and yesterday I was pleased as punchdrunk to receive a copy of Blink Ink Print Issue One.

Contributors include Michael J. Solender, Offbeatjim Wittenberg, Jelena Venel Ohlrogge and a brilliant story –Illusion – by A. L. Dresser. Photos are from the super talented Kristin Fouquet and I also have a story: Old Town, Midnight.

Details of how to get Blink Ink Print are at the website.

Blink|Ink also features art, multimedia projects, photography, and more.

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Visit the Blink|Ink Gallery, where you can find collections, featured artists, mail art, photography, asemic writing, and more.

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Lynn Alexander

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