Best Crime Fiction in 2009

Okay, so Kerrie at MYSTERIES IN PARADISE is putting together a list of the best crime novels of 2009. I’ve come up with ten crime books that I really enjoyed. In no particular order and only including one book from each author – I could have put all of Ray Banks’ Cal Innes Quartet in there, no problem, for example. Not all the books were published in 2009 but, I think, most were.

Slammer – Alan Guthrie
Killer – Dave Zeltserman
Broken Dreams – Nick Quantrill
Paying For It – Tony Black
Beast Of Burden – Ray Banks
Dead Men’s Dust – Matt Hilton
Deadfolk – Charlie Williams
Sanctuary – Ken Bruen
The Bloomsday Dead
– Adrian McKinty
The Desert Hedge Murders – Patricia Stoltey

The link to Kerrie’s blog is here:

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