According to New Poland Express‘An unemployed Polish priest has
been arrested for robbing a bank,
local media report this week.
Thirty-seven year old Norbert J., is
accused of holding up staff at the PKO bank
in the town of Szamotuly near Poznan.
According to reports, the out-of-work
priest entered the bank Monday afternoon.
Unmasked and dressed in a beige jacket, shorts
and holding an orange bag, he demanded the
cashier hand over all her money. When she
refused he threatened her with a knife before
making off with PLN 6,000.
The female cashier gave police a full
description and, less than an hour later, they
picked him up at a bus stop in the town.
By then he had changed into an elegant
suit with a white shirt. At first he protested
his innocence, says spokeswoman for the
regional prosecutors office, Magdalena
Mazur-Prus. “When stopped, the suspect
told officers that he was a priest from the
parish of St. Bialogard in north-western
“He is a priest but he doesn’t currently
have a posting. He did indeed work
previously in Bialogard,” she said, adding,
“For the moment, we don’t know why he
carried out the robbery.”
Ordained in 2004, the 37-year old
Norbert J had recently fallen on hard times.
Resigning from his parish and priestly
rights, he had began work as a supermarket
security guard in Poznan, while living with
his lover and their month old baby.
“He chose a different path in life,” says
Church spokesman Father Darius Jaslarz.
“He wasn’t expelled, he decided to leave on
his own terms.”
Norbert J. has been described by former
parishioners as a popular priest who was keen
on table tennis. In 2004 he won third place in
the Polish table tennis Championships.
He now faces 15 years in prison.’

Matt Hilton Interview at Thriller Cafe

If you pop over to Matt ‘Dead Men’s Dust’Hilton‘s blog you can find links to the interview that he did with the Italian magazine THRILLER CAFE. It’s a damn fine intervew and Matt was also decent enough to name check myself and a couple of the other Thrillers Killers n Chillers writers. What a gent. And a top writer too!

click on the post header for the link to Matt’s blog.

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