Cold Blooded Moon at The Flash Fiction Offensive & The Postman Cometh at Powder Burn Flash& POP! at Bilnk Ink.

Stories update: COLD BLOODED MOON is at the Flash Fiction Offensive and THE POSTMAN COMETH is at Powder Burn Flash while Blink Ink go POP!

One Step beyond at BLINK

BLINK is a very cool ezine for stories of around 5o words. I sent One Step Beyond which is okay but there are some real gems from John Wiswell, Michael Solender and others and photos from the super talented Kristin Fouqet. It’s the brainchild of Doug Mathewson and Lynne Alexander who is also involved in Full Of Crow

and MiCrow which are also pretty damn good.Oh, and Lynn is also the BOSS of The Sphere community which is a network for all sorts of waifs and strays. Click on the post header for BLINK and The Sphere link is here.


If you pop over to the Outsider Writers Collective you’ll find an interview I did with Our Man In Paris, Jason Michel. Jason, AKA The Beaten Dog, is a pretty tasty writer of short stories -see The Wrong Mind and other fictions -and, so far, a novel, CONFESSIONS OF A BLACK DOG.Think Mark E. Smith, early David Lynch and Gogol and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be somewhere near his stuff! He blogs here:

Ta Jase!

The Rap Sheet

I’m very, very pleased to have had another mention at The Rap Sheet

In the most recent Bullet Points: ‘• Is it my imagination, or is short-story writer Paul D. Brazill suddenly all over the place? He has a new story posted at A Twist of Noir (“Bingo Master’s Breakout”) and Cullen Gallagher voices high praise for his tale “This Old House,” which appeared earlier this month at Thrillers, Killers ’n’ Chillers.’

Well chuffed, I am!


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