She Moves Like Bayonetta by Peter Ord

At the end of 1977, everyone was waiting for Never Mind The Bollocks, The Sex Pistols first LP. It was the most important thing in the world, or so it seemed. There were rumours that they already had it down that London but in Hartlepool we were just waiting, waiting, waiting.

My first sighting of the record was when I was on my way to school –  I was fifteen at the time. A gangling youth with long, black hair and mirror shades was walking along the street  and carrying it – blatantly flaunting the oh so offensive cover. That was Peter Ord.

I used to see Peter around the town and even at gigs. The Clash. The Banshees.
And I ended up working with him at my first job. A government Youth Opportunity scheme, the aim of which was to update ordnance survey maps. Class.

I was also  in a couple of bands with Peter: Halcyon Days & Oceans 11. We later fancied ourselves as songwriters like Bacharach &; David or Steely Dan. We weren’t.

But Peter has been producing music for over 30 years. Recording in his bedroom studio. He has recently  been  ‘discovered’ by the viewers of NOOB TOOB which is a programme about computer games. Apparently.

Peter has always been a fan of film soundtracks,especially the great John Barry. His latest song is a cracking piece of spy music inspired by the computer game Bayonetta. No, I’ve never heard of it, either.


And here’s Peter Ord’s My Space page.


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