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Warren Stalley reviews Big City Blues


Over at , Warren Stalley says:

‘Big City Blues is littered with the usual Brazill razor sharp one liners honed to perfection. To summarise this is another polished winner from Paul D Brazill and Near To The Knuckle publishing.’

Warren Stalley Reviews Too Many Crooks

too-many-crooksOver at Warren Stalley says:

5.0 out of 5 starsSeven Dollars on the Red

Right from the start of Too Many Crooks there’s a blast of violence and gallows humour which sets the tone for the latest novel by talented Brit Grit author Paul D Brazill. The narrative follows various dubious criminals caught up in the search for the valuable Nazi Totenkopfring. Can amnesiac victim McGuffin stay alive long enough in Poland to recover his memory and find the ring? What connection does he have to Leslie Hawkins and her husband Sydney back in England who are also looking for the ring? Too Many Crooks is littered with the usual Brazill razor sharp one liners honed to perfection, as the eccentric characters’ weave in and out of trouble in England and Poland. To summarise this is another polished winner and one of the very best pieces of work from Paul D Brazill.’

Warren Stalley Reviews The Last Laugh

The Last Laugh paperbackOver at, Warren Stalley gives my short story collection The Last Laugh  FIVE stars and says:

‘The Last Laugh by author Paul D Brazill brings together a variety of old and new stories in one darkly, gritty collection. Peppered with classic one liners and black gallows humour these are tales of international noir, Brit grit and bad luck blues. Existing fans will enjoy renewing the acquaintance of classic characters, scenes and stories. While new readers are in for a treat with marvellous stories such as “Route 66 & All That”, “Red Esperanto”, “The Weather Prophet” and the classic Seatown capers. Mr Brazill cleverly finds poetry, comedy and beauty in the grime, grit, filth and fury of the underworld. His literary tales stride across the continents in Doc Marten boots with a whiplash smile. Highly recommended to any crime fan looking for something special. Enjoy.’

Warren Stalley Reviews Cold London Blues

cold london blues marky hewitt.Over at , he says:

‘When a truck full of valuable vintage superhero comic books is stolen this is just the tipping point for author Paul D Brazill to weave a London based crime tale full of crooks, criminals, cops and conmen laced with his usual witty one liners and black humour. Cold London Blues is the sequel to Mr Brazill’s earlier work Guns of Brixton featuring many of the same memorable characters, some bizarre new ones and with plenty of knowing references to previous Brazill stories. To summarise any fan of Paul D Brazill will delight once again in his inimitable style, humour and imagination but for novice readers I’d say that they are best to start with the Brixton novella first. Enjoy.’

Warren Stalley reviews Kill Me Quick!

kill me quick coverIn the fifth FIVE STAR review in its first week of publication, Warren Stalley says:

‘Mark Hammonds returns to his Northern roots in the seething coastal crime capital that is Seatown. Before long the ex New Romantic Coronet Blue band member is up to his neck in drugs, violence, music and murder. Can Mark survive another day in Seatown while hunted by Satanic bikers, London gangsters and old faces from his past? Author Paul D Brazill revisits the thriving smugglers den of Seatown bringing bold humour, fascinating and bizarre characters, swirling round a noir plot. Full marks once again to Mr Brazill for delivering another powerful and hilarious crime story. If you fancy reading more Seatown stories then I’d recommend seeking out Gumshoe by Mr Brazill which stars the hapless private eye Peter Ord. This work also leaves me curious to seek out other Number Thirteen Press crime books in the near future. Enjoy.’

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