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Top Telly: Bad Girl Rachel Bailey

My current favourite Bad Girl is a cop. Of course, crime fiction – whether it’s in books, films or on television – is over-populated with strong-willed, impulsive, foul mouthed, chain […]

Top Telly: Bullman The Bulldog

One of British television’s great creations, George Bulman first appeared on the small screen in 1976, in Granada Television’s hard edged crime series, The XYY Man, based on the books by […]

There’s been a lot of talk about Brit Grit recently- usually from me – and, more specifically, Brit Grit television – edgy, realistic crime drama such as Cracker, Gangsters and […]

While we think of sixties and seventies TV cops as sophisticated post James Bonds , Marker, who was played by Alfred Burke in the sixties television series PUBLIC EYE was […]