Kill Me Quick!

My NEAR TO THE KNUCKLE novellas are now only 99p each! TOO MANY CROOKS Too Many Crooks is a blackly comic Brit Grit romp from the author of Guns Of […]

I have a fistful of eBooks that you can pick up for a mere 99p at Too Many Crooks When high-class fence Leslie Hawkins meets Peter Rhatigan in a […]

Over at the Amazons and Goodreads, Ryan Bracha says: ‘Paul Danger Brazill is a writer’s writer. Universally respected throughout the literary scene. He writes with a nostalgia that I haven’t […]

Over at, Robert Cowan reviews Cold London Blues and says: ‘Brazill doesn’t disappoint with this latest crime caper written in his signature style, mixing noirish punk menace and Sid […]

‘He changed stations and found a phone in talk show. The host and callers were discussing the upcoming Seatown elections. It was getting pretty heated. ‘One of my old teachers […]