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Recommended Read: A Dish Served Cold by B R Stateham.

a dish served coldB R Stateham’s Smitty is back and he’s out to avenge the death of a cop. A Dish Served Cold is a classic slice of hardboiled -pulp-noir, tinged with the supernatural.

Another knockout from Near To The Knuckle.


A Story For Sunday: Friday The Thirteenth by B.R. STATEHAM

near to the knuckle‘He turned around and glanced at his partner.  The monstrous goon was standing directly in front of the burning headlights of the Ford Mustang, big mitts for hands stuffed into the pockets of his slacks, and fully outlined like some black silhouette of a nightmare.
He smiled at that thought.
It was Friday the 13th.’

Read the rest here at Near To The Knuckle.

Recommended Read: A Killing Kiss by B R Stateham.

a-killing-kissAn ice cold killer is hired to protect a dead mob boss’ family.

Cue blood- splattered shoot-outs, sharp twists and a great protagonist.

B.R. Stateham’s Smitty is a classic hard-boiled pulp/ noir creation and A Killing Kiss is great old-school  fun.

Another gem from Number 13 Press.


a-killing-kissB. R. Stateham‘s Smitty is back at PULP METAL MAGAZINE.

‘ We walked out of the neon glare of the hospital’s front door and sank into the gloom of the hot still night like unwanted nightmares. Neither of us felt like talking. Behind us, in Intensive Care Unit, was a friend of ours struggling to find the strength for his next breath. Adizzying array of tubes and electronic devices were plugged into his body. Bright screens for monitors filled the soft light of his hospital room with the note of every breath, every heartbeat, every electronic pulse zapping through his cranium. Except the screen for the brain scan was flat lined.

Two bullets in the chest did that to you. Turned you into a zombie. A zombie kept alive by machines.

As far as the doctors would say . . . which they wouldn’t, but you could see it in their eyes . . . Patrolman Darnell Goodland was gone. The odds of pulling out of this one, after all the blood loss, wasn’t looking good. He was alive . . . yes.’

Read the rest here.

And get more Smitty here

Out now! Insatiable: A Roman Dalton Yarn by B R Stateham


Insatiable: A Roman Dalton Yarn is a noir/ horror short story based on characters created by Paul D. Brazill. 

In B R Stateham’s Insatiable, PI Roman Dalton gets a request from an old friend to help him solve a murder. A murder so horrible, so brutal, it had to be caused by a werewolf! Dalton is approaching his ‘change’ and at the same time trying to solve a vicious crime. How does he stop himself from leaping onto his friend, when the time comes, and making his old buddy an evening snack? How does he find and remove from the city a werewolf who happens to be much older, and far stronger, than he is–and not create a panic among all the potential meal tickets walking around?

Turner Hahn and Frank Morales Are Back

Turner and FrankHomicide detectives Turner Hahn and Frank Morales are back on duty in their new novel,  Guilt of Innocence.

The two are investigating a couple of murders which pushes them to the limits of their wits.  One case involves the death of a very successful corporate lawyer.  A high priced corporate lawyer who happens to be married to a woman who heads the largest cosmetics firm in the country.  How the murder took place is perplexing enough.  But as more bodies begin to drop Turner and Frank soon realize they are facing a maniacal mastermind who may very well be smarter than both of them combined.

Twists and turns, dead ends and red herrings . . . with an ending that will truly be surprising.  This case has it all.  And this is only case number one!

Case number two involves the disappearance of a young girl fifteen years earlier.  A Cold Case File.  Except it is not a cold case any longer.  The girl has returned.  And now lies on a cold metal table in the morgue.  Someone has gone out of their way to make the homicide look like a suicide.  Apparently a crime syndicate is frantic to make sure neither Turner nor Frank find out the facts surrounding the girl’s disappearance fifteen years earlier.  A hit man is in town grimly eliminating everyone who may have known the girl. A hit man with orders to possibly rub out Turner and Frank as well.

And again the real killer is someone whom no one would have ever suspected.

Turner and Frank are at their best.  Dry wit, interesting characters, lots of action, vivid imagery, and two genuine classic mysteries.  All of it can be found in Guilt of Innocence.  Find it anywhere ebooks or sold.

B.r. Stateham  is a sixty-four year old curmudgeon who writes genre fiction.  With an antiquarian’s body yet with the mind of a fourteen year old boy, the author’s imagination still wanders down dark alleys and mean streets looking for a dangerous rendezvous or dons a Federation uniform and straps on his waist a 20 megawatt laser blaster to go out and hunt Martian grave robbers.


Recommended Read: A Taste Of Old Revenge by B. R. Stateham

a tasteDetectives Hahn and Morales are called to investigate the shooting of a garage mechanic and uncover a can of  particularly ugly worms who have more than a passing resemblance to the FBI, Mossad and Odessa – Nazi hitmen who are in the US offing prominent members of the Jewish community.

Throw a young reporter with the hots for Hahn,his mysterious grandfather, and a secret fortune into the mix and you have an engrossing,  well-paced whodunnit that is peppered with strong, likable characters – not least of which is Turner Hahn with his Clark Gable looks and collection of classic cars.

A Taste Of Old Revenge is a gripping, well- plotted, crime thriller that is full of cinematic images and twist and turns, and really would make a great film.

Laughing At The Death Grin! Out Now FROM Pulp Metal Fiction


Laughing At The Death Grin!

A short fiction anthology from PULP METAL MAGAZINE.

Edited by JASON MICHEL with stories from




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