Mark Hammonds Reviews Cold London Blues.

cold london blues mar hammondsOver at, Mark Hammonds says:

‘The latest romp into the dark world of PD Brazill, Satan’s very own PG Wodehouse. It’s the capitol this time (the title is a giveaway) rather than the mean streets of Seatown. But if it’s grim up North, it’s grimmer down South, all arse-end and underside. Father Tim is the black soutaned sheep of the Cook clan, whose devotion to holy orders consists solely in the odd Latin pun as he offs the flock one by one. He’s no maniac: it’s a job of work and he dispenses it with a shrug and a sigh. He’s back adrift in his home town, slouching through a litany of small disasters in the dark places between the first swig and the shakes. There’s a plot somewhere among the choppy set pieces, but what the hell. Just give it up for the characters and the dialogue. Be-Bop DeLuca, Turban Ted, Tarquin Farrago, Baghead Berry, Squeaky Thompson, Toffy’s Offy… and a tool-bag filled to busting with lines you wish you’d come out with. And you will. Treat yourself.’