Out Now! The Gumshoe, and Other Brit Grit Yarns by Paul D. Brazill

the gumshoe and other brit grit yarns.

I’m tidying up Blackwitch Press at the moment and have put together a collection that includes The Gumshoe and a few other waifs and strays. The older books ‘Gumshoe’ and ‘Snapshots’ are no longer available although there are a few paperbacks floating around, it seems.

The Gumshoe, and Other Brit Grit Yarns is a collection of gritty, violent and blackly comic short stories and flash fiction from Paul D. Brazill, author of Guns Of Brixton.


The Gumshoe

The Beginning Of The End.

Life On Mars?

Scopey’s Choice


Seeing Blue

Thicker Than Blood

Anger Management

Seven Minutes To Midnight

Catch As Catch Can

The Hit Man & Her

The Sharpest Tools In The Box

Gareth And Fiona Go Abroad

A Big Payoff

Killing Mr Cornflakes

In The (Reservoir) Dog House

Published by Blackwitch Press with a great cover by Marcin Drzewiecki – Ilustrator

Available in paperback here or as an eBook from here, and here.