Full Moonlight: A Roman Dalton Yarn by Vincent Zandri is Out Now!

Full Moonlight cover (2)Roman Dalton – Werewolf PI encounters Dick Moonlight -a P.I. with a piece of .22 caliber hollow-point bullet hopelessly lodged inside his brain, making his sudden death at any given time a real possibility. When Moonlight is hired to look into some mysterious carcass mutilations taking place at the historic Albany Rural Cemetery, he encounters a nightmare worse than death. A nightmare that haunts him like the bone-shattering howl of a werewolf, and that takes place under the cover of a full moon…

A 42 page novella for those who love suspense from best selling thriller writer Vincent Zandri.

Based on characters created by Paul D. Brazill.

Full Moonlight: A Roman Dalton Yarn first appeared in Drunk On The Moon 2.