Out now … Noir Carnival !

noir-carnivalCool publishers FOX SPIRIT have published K A LAITY‘s new anthology NOIR CARNIVAL,  and I have a ROMAN DALTON P I story in there, too, called SHE’S MY WITCH.

FOX SPIRIT have also published K A LAITY’s WEIRD NOIR anthology, which also contains a ROMAN DALTON story, BLACK MOON RISING.

This is what they said over at FACEBOOK:

‘The rough table of contents for NOIR CARNIVAL: there may be some rejiggering yet, but you can see who will be there.


Table of Contents

Introduction: Caravan ~ K. A. Laity

Family Blessings ~ Jan Kozlowski

In the Mouth of the Beast ~ Li Huijia

Idle Hands ~ Hannah Kate

The Things We Leave Behind ~ Chris L. Irvin

She’s My Witch ~ Paul D. Brazill

The Mermaid Illusion ~ Carol Borden

Natural Flavouring ~ Rebecca Snow

Madam Mafoutee’s Bad Glass Eye ~ Chloë Yates

Buffalo Brendan and the Big Top Ballot ~ Alan Watson

Carne Levare ~ Emma Teichmann

Leave No Trace ~ A. J. Sikes

Fair ~ Robin Wyatt Dunn

Things Happen Here After Dark ~ Sheri White

Mister Know-It-All ~ Richard Godwin

Trapped ~ Joan De La Haye

The Price of Admission ~ Neal Litherland

Take Your Chances ~ Michael S. Chong

Young Mooncalf ~ Katie Young

The Teeth Behind the Beard ~ James Bennett’

fox spirit

It’s going to be a good un so save up yer dosh!