Trestle Press/ Brit Grit/ Drunk On the Moon – UPDATE!


I sent this letter to Trestle Press yesterday.
‘I would like to request that the following Ebooks that I have authored – and have been published by Trestle Press- be removed from sale:
Drunk On the Moon 
Brit Grit
I would also like to request that the story ‘When The Moon Falls’ ,that I recently sent you, not be included in the print Drunk On The Moon anthology or published in any other form by Trestle Press.
With regard to the charity anthology, Brit Grit Too, that I edited,I will discuss this matter with the writers involved as to whether they would like the book withdrawn.
As you are aware, I own the rights  to all of my writing and would like this matter dealt with as of now.
Thank you.
Paul D Brazill’
So, that’s how it stands. I’ll let you know more about a new home for my Drunk On The Moon and Brit Grit stories at a later date.