Short, Sharp Interview: Ed BykerBooks

Radgepacket 4 will be released on 13th March 2010 by Byker Books.The anthology features work from Danny King, Ray Banks, Andy Rivers and many more, including me! I know …


So, shocked by this, I decided to interview Ed Bykerbooks who, strangely enough, is the editor of Byker Books.

PDB) – Pitch me Byker Books in 25 words or less.

Ed) Byker Books promotes and publishes authors who despise ‘reality’ television and don’t write about boy wizards. We do ‘Council Estate fiction’ by real people

PDB) What is a radgepacket?

Ed) A Radgepacket is a nutter – it’s a Geordie word…and therefore brilliant!

PDB) Which working men’s clubs do you frequent?


Ed) As a successful publishing magnate I don’t drink in Working Men’s Clubs any more. I’m sure you’re aware that us publishers attract groupies and WAG’s like shit attracts flies so you can usually find me hanging out at Bouji in London with the glitterati…or not.


PDB) How do you think people from down south take to Byker Books oeuvre?

Ed) We publish Southerners as well and we’re not really ‘Geordie-centric’ so I think they find us okay…other than no-one ever knowing what Radgepacket means anyway!

PDB) Why did you get into the indy publishing lark anyway?

Ed) I’m a struggling writer (aren’t we all!) and I became frustrated at the closed shop that is the mainstream publishing industry today. Agents were ringing me up and praising my work but then telling me they’d never be able to sell it and had I thought about writing a series about a detective with a secret past/character flaw……so my options were to sell my soul or do it myself. I did it myself.

PDB) If Byker Books was a band which one would it be?


Ed) We would be The Happy Mondays as we don’t really give a fuck what anyone else thinks and we’ll put out what we like not what’s trendy. Wish I had hair like Shaun Ryder mind.

PDB) Give us the SP on Byker Books 2010

Ed) We’re looking to move to the next stage of our development in 2010 and publish some up and coming novelists. We’re in the process of signing two books from authors that fit our criteria perfectly and they’re fucking ace! We’ve also got options (or will have when we sign the buggers!) on their next books as well so it’s all good.

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