1. I’m liking this title. Looking forward to reading the story.Out of curiosity – do you come up with your titles before or after you write the story? Or somewhere in the middle?

  2. Thanks lads. Cullen -swamplands is the title of an old song by The Birthday Party it’s hovered around my mind for a while. Titles, so far, come at the end except for Sleeping It Off.

  3. The Birthday Party! I haven’t heard them in ages. We used to have their albums at the record store I used to work at and would throw them on from time to time. Good band, I need to go back and revisit them again real soon.

  4. ‘Mutiny’ is their best -‘fuckin wings sprouted out of my back!!!’ then Nick lost his sense of humor…Any band that wrore a song called ‘Hamlet.Pow! Pow! Pow!’ had plenty going for them!

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