PIQUANT – Tales Of The Mustard Man by Richard Godwin

Piquant by Richard Godwin is six spicy short stories of sex and violence. 

And more.

There’s madness,mayhem, murder,misogyny and misanthropy. There’s carnage and cadavers and cannibalism.

And there’s The Mustard Man

Like a cross between The League Of Gentlemen’s Papa Lazarou and The Night Of The Hunter’s Reverend Harry Powell, The Mustard Man frees himself from the pages of a lurid pulp novel and wreaks havoc across the United States, stopping only to cook. And record an album with JJCale.

Piquent is a deliriously, deliciously dark and twisted collection and not for those with a delicate constitution. But for those of us with stronger stomaches, get stuck in !

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