Castles In The Air

Castles In The Air(Published at Powder Burn Flash #163, 9 March 2009)

Castles In The Air
by Paul Brazill

Whenever I see a castle -perhaps a picture in a travel magazine or in one of those Universal horror films from the 1930’s -for some reason I have one of those Proustian flashbacks to when I was a young child and I went with my sister to visit my brother-in-law in Durham prison.

I fade in on a silhouette of the prison; perched on a hill, looming over the city like a great black bat and I taste the cold, metallic morning air. This then imperceptibly segues into my brother-in-law’s spidery black quiff, the tattoos on his hands and face and the brown blanket- looking prison uniform that made me feel itchy.

Then, I fade out and fade back in on a pool of vomit, which I’m sure is mine, on the floor of the rattling gray train and then I fade to black. Now, all that remains is the song that corkscrewed through my thoughts like a mantra as I went to visit, what I believed was, the Pink Panther’s home town.

Dur-ham Dur-ham, Dur-ham Dur-ham Dur-ham, Dur-ham Dur-haaaam, Dur-ham Dur-ham.

The end.


  1. Thanks for the comment and unsolicited support. Rather touching (with true sincerity).The simple fact that you read and left a comment so soon has given me even more resolve to continue to produce ‘the words’.If you do plug me, gracias. If not, no matter, I just hope you keep reading when the thangs post.

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