Short, Sharp Interview: Kalyan Lahiri

kolkataconundrumPDB: What’s going on now?
KL: Working on the next Orko Deb mystery. It’s also based in Kolkata and a lot of authentic old Kolkata is there. Of course there are murders and other crimes too. I am about one third through.
PDB: How did you research The Kolkata Conundrum?
KL: ‘The Kolkata Conundrum’ needed a lot of hard thinking to create the plot. The research was mostly checking up facts on the internet.
PDB: Of which of your publications are you most proud?
KL: This is my first published novel. In fact my first published work of fiction. And I am very proud of it.
PDB: What’s your favourite film/ book/ song/ television programme?
KL: Favourite film: Satyajit Ray’s second ‘Feluda’ thriller, ‘Joy Baba Felunath’ (re-titled ‘The Elephant God’).
Favourite book:Mark Twain’s ‘Huckleberry Finn’
Favourite song : Many really; it’s easier to mention the artistes like Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Beatles, a lot of Bengali songs of the sixties and seventies.
Favourite Television programme: Seinfeld
PDB: Is location important to your writing?
KL: Although some of the locales in ‘The Kolkata Conundrum‘ are given fictitious names, they are actually places I know or maybe a mix of places I know. The setting is the city of Kolkata, its suburbs and a bit of rural Bengal. I have always believed crime fiction is an important vehicle of social commentary and thus the locale is often a ‘character’ by itself and therefore extremely important.  For the next novel I am actually revisiting familiar places to create the flavour of the location.
PDB: How often do you check your Amazon rankings?
Darj14KL: Ha ha! Let’s give it a little more time.
PDB: What’s next?
KL: The next Orko Deb mystery, as I mentioned. And maybe followed by a set of Orko Deb short stories.

Bio: Kalyan Lahiri is from Kolkata. Having served his time in the banking world he has metamorphosed into a crime thriller writer. He likes to play tennis and bridge. And he is well on his way to becoming a senior citizen. He is now working on the next Orko Deb mystery.