My new BRIT GRIT ALLEY column is up at OUT OF THE GUTTER ONLINE and this week I wander from Newcastle down to London and on to Paris. It’s here! […]

Fourteen year old Joe is outgrowing most of his mates, physically and emotionally. Joe is the leader of a young Belfast gang known as the Wee Rockets, who get their teenage kicks shoplifting […]

Mack is a retired FBI profiler who is taking care of his sick sister.Nicola is a survivor. The potential victim of a vicious serial killer. The one who managed to escape and turn […]

You still have a couple of days left to benefit the  National Kidney Foundation Inc by naming your own price for a bunch of very cool crime e-books.What you can get .. […]

Brit Grit Alley

New Brit Grit Alley Column.   My latest BRIT GRIT ALLEY column is now up atOUT OF THE GUTTER ONLINE with news from Brit Grit‘s answer to Oasis, THE AYRIS BROS. and more. Have a gander here.

Young Jamie  isn’t doing very well at school and is  having a hard time. His mother has been ill and depressed ever since the death of her husband and Jamie feels […]

My latest BRIT GRIT ALLEY column is now up at OUT OF THE GUTTER ONLINE with news from Brit Grit‘s answer to Oasis, THE AYRIS BROS. and more. Have a gander here.