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There’s a lot of it about. First up, the paperback of TOO MANY CROOKS is out now! You can grab it at BARNES&NOBLE, AMAZON, and a few other places, I’m […]

Have A Brit Grit Christmas!

I asked a bunch of Brit Grit writers about their favourite Christmas book, film and song, and this is what they said: Martina Cole: Well my favourite Christmas book has […]

My latest Brit Grit Alley column is LIVE at Out Of The Gutter Online. Brit Grit Alley features interviews, news and updates on what’s happening down British crime fiction’s booze […]

Number Thirteen Press publisher Chris Black is down Brit Grit Alley: ‘Number Thirteen Press – The End?  So that’s it, then. Thirteen crime novellas from thirteen authors in thirteen months. […]

In my latest Brit Grit Alley column, I’ve posted one of my earliest flash fiction yarns: ‘The Sharpest Tools In The Box by Paul D. Brazill “It’s friggin obvious, Browny”, […]