Recommended Read: The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die by Marnie Riches

the girl who wouldn't dieGeorgina Mckenzie is a precocious young criminology student who is caught up in the police investigation when a bomb explodes at her Amsterdam university.

The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die is Marnie Riches debut novel and it’s an absolute  belter. A gripping, breathless, twisting and turning crime thriller that grabs by your lapels from its opening and never lets go. The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die is the first in what looks like an addictive new crime fiction series.

Alibi International Crime/ Noir Festival

alibiALIBI is the first Slovenian festival of Crime&Noir literature in idyllic Gora pod lipo. It’s organised by Gora, Artizan advertising agency and publishing house (concept and communication), Hotel Jakec (lodging for guest writers) and Tednik Panorama(media sponsor).

And I’ll be there at the end of September, along with Richard Godwin, Eddie VegaAndrej Predin, Neven Škrgatić.

Find out more about it at the website and like the Facebook page if you fancy.

Recommended Read: Blackbird by Tom Wright

blackbirdA psychologist is brutally murdered and crucified. Detective Jim ‘Biscuit’ Bonham is sent to investigate the murder and in  doing so he unearths some long buried secrets.

Tom Wright’s Blackbird is the sequel to his marvelous and haunting debut novel, What Dies In Summer. Blackbird is equally as engaging and affective with its great characterization, lyrical prose and dense atmosphere . As well as being a masterful and compelling crime novel, Blackbird is also an investigation into guilt, small town life and washing out the stains of the past.

Guest Blog: Rogue Detective at Large by Dominic Milne

aocDS Eddie Kane is on the rampage in North London. He is reckless, dissolute, dangerous and out of control. His past is chaos, his present, complete and utter turmoil. He’s taking on serial killers, the north London mob, the Albanian mob, the Yardies, Nigerian body-parts-traders, the authorities, his colleagues – and plenty of his own demons…
In book one of the Eddie Kane trilogy, Act of Contrition’, Eddie Kane is well and truly under the  thumb of local mobster, Vincent Mullis. Mullis is the new owner of a debt Eddie has built up with terminally-ill bookmaker, Arnie Duggan – and he is pressing for payment. If that wasn’t bad enough, Eddie finds himself under suspension following a drugs-bust gone wrong. To cap it all, Mullis is insisting Eddie finds the killer of a local prostitute. Eddie turns the stones of the past over one by one, revealing a murky world of child pornography, gangland murder and a church full of bitter revenge…

Could things get any worse for Eddie Kane? Oh yes…

Book two, ‘Act of Madness’ sees him locking horns with the criminal underworld once again – but not in any legal way. Eddie Kane is pushed to new limits when his covert investigation of an acting school lead him to a local brothel and a major mob operation. His search for a missing Albanian friend brings him into confrontation with one of Europe’s most wanted men – and all the while a pair of ritualistic killers are wreaking havoc in Kings Cross, in a killing spree that inevitably crosses Eddie’s path…

But the real nightmare still lies ahead…

Book three, ‘Act of Vengeance sees Eddie take on the Jamaican mob, following the brutal murder in Wormwood Scrubs of his undercover colleague, Phil Blakemore. All the evidence points to the Jamaicans being behind the killing, but Eddie has other ideas… A certain rapist, by the name of Barry Gregson is about to be released from dominicsphotos00prison, but why is Eddie so interested in him? What is it about Gregson that makes Eddie blackmail a prison worker into helping set the rapist up, arranging a meeting none of them will ever forget? A meeting that might destroy Eddie Kane completely…

Check out the Eddie Kane trilogy on Amazon at or follow the links on

Recommended Read: Skewered: And Other London Cruelties by Benedict J. Jones

skeweredIn Skewered, the first story in this cracking collection, we are introduced to Charlie Bars who is fresh out of prison and unhappily working in his uncle’s kebab shop.

When Charlie is given the chance to make some fast money he jumps at it but things quickly become, well,  skewered.

Charlie Bars also appears in the following story, Real Estate, which is also a belter.

Another favorite story is the marvelous supernaturally tinged Hungry Is The Dark. But everyone is a gem.

Skewered: And Other London Cruelties is tightly written with strong, realistic characters and a great sense of place.

Classic Brit Grit crime fiction.

Recommended Read: The White Flamingo by James A. Newman

the white flaminfo

In James A. Newman’s The White Flamingo, Detective Joe Dylan investigates the gruesome murder of one of Fun City’s many call girls and quickly realizes that there is a serial killer on the loose in Fun City.

The White Flamingo – the third ‘Joe Dylan crime noir book ‘ – is hard-boiled pulp fiction pumped up to the max. It’s a lethal cocktail of graphic violence, booze, drugs and sex. It’s bright lights and dark shadows and it’s certainly not for the fainthearted.

Short, Sharp Interview: Tom Larsen

Into the FirePDB: What’s going on now?

My novel INTO THE FIRE is being released by Crime Wave Press later this month. It’s about a screenwriter who uses a real life incident to introduce his latest femme fatale. Bad idea it turns out. Right now I’m working on a baby boom memoir. I started BOOM a few years back as an exercise in memory and at 1500 pages I find my memory is pretty good. Getting it published might prove problematic. Getting it read, for that matter.

PDB: How did you research this book?

I lived in the Pennsport section of South Philadelphia for ten years, then Lambertvile NJ for fifteen. Both figure prominently in INTO THE FIRE. My characters are based on people I know in both places. At 25 years I think I have it covered.

PDB: Which of your publications are you most proud of?

In 2004 my short story “Lids” was featured in Best American Mystery Stories between a Stephen King and a Joyce Carol Oates. But I’m most proud of my novels. FLAWED – a fake kidnapping/art theft romp and INTO THE FIRE – payback is a bitch (named Karen Finley).

PDB: What’s your favourite film/ book/ song/ television programme?

I love this question. My favorite movie is Member of the Wedding. Julie Harris just kills me. Favorite book? Where to begin? City of Thieves by David Benoitt has to rank. Anything by Richard Price or Alice Munro. My favorite tune is Blues In by Art Pepper. And, of course, The Wire was the best thing that ever happened to television.


PDB: Is location important to your writing?

It’s huge. I grew up in the suburbs so living in South Philadelphia was a revelation. I’d never experienced the feeling of community that comes with a row house neighborhood. Mine, at least. I couldn’t help but write about it. We moved away 20 years ago but all our neighbors are still on the block. I live in Delaware now but we’re moving back to Pennsport as soon as we sell the house.

PDB: How often do you check your Amazon rankings?

I didn’t know you could.

PDB: What’s Next?

Next is trying to get all 80 of my short stories published. I’m halfway there.